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NASA Celebrates Black Hole Friday

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Courtesy: NASA and Chandra X-Ray Center

NASA and Chandra X-Ray Center

It is Black Friday, but for NASA, it is the 2nd annual Black Hole Friday.

Throughout the day NASA has been sharing pictures and info about black holes on social media.

A black hole is a place in space where gravity pulls its surroundings so hard that even light can not escape its clutches.

Black holes can be either large or small. According to NASA, some scientists think the smallest black holes are as small as an atom, and those tiny black holes are so dense with matter they can have the mass of a large mountain.

If Black Holes are “black,” then how do scientists know they are there? How do black holes form? Celebrate Black Hole Friday by learning more about black holes here, or learn some tidbits in the picture gallery below.

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It's #BlackFriday, but for us, it's the 2nd annual #BlackHoleFriday. Today, we'll post pics & info about black holes. Here's a 2 for 1 special showing two black holes merging into one. A black hole is a massive object whose gravitational field is so intense that no light (electromagnetic radiation) can escape it. When two orbiting black holes merge, a massive amount of energy is released in the form of jets. Meanwhile, the movement of these massive bodies disturbs the fabric of space-time around them, sending ripples of gravitational waves radiating outward. These waves are predicted by Einstein's theory of general relativity, but have yet to be directly detected. In this video, we see a closer look at the center of a spiral galaxy reveals a pair of black holes locked in a death spiral. When they merge, the massive amount of energy is released in the form of jets. Credit: NASA

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