Boy Found Behind Fake Wall Explains How he Called for Help

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Courtesy: WPTV

Courtesy: WPTV

ATLANTA, Georgia (WGCL) –

In an exclusive interview with CBS46, the boy who was missing for four years and found behind a fake wall in a Clayton County home told reporter Daniel Wilkerson how he contacted his biological mother.

“I just went on [Google] Play Store and I downloaded an app called Magic Jack and I called my mom,” 13-year-old Gregory Jean, Jr. said.

His biological mother, Lisa Smith, said she had talked to her son a few times during the four-year period he was missing.

Smith says she had custody of the child during that period, but the child’s father kept him when the boy went to visit him four years ago.

“It feels good,” Smith said. “It was too long.”

Smith says she has custody of Gregory and they are now headed back to her home state, but she did not say where that is.

Smith said that she is a U.S. citizen but would not comment on why she reported the boy missing to child services and not police.

She called the boy’s stepmother, Samantha Davis, an evil woman.

In a press conference on Monday afternoon, Clayton County police said the child’s father, Gregory Jean, Sr., denied even knowing his son, despite the fact that the child was hidden in the home during the police visit.

“There was a lot of deception,” said Sgt. Joanne Southerland. “They denied, but no physical obstruction.”

Meanwhile, the child’s step mom, Davis, was already on probation for punishing her biological son. According to court records, she cut her biological son’s tongue with a pair of hot scissors in 2004.

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