Family Wakes Up to SUV Inside Home

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A family experienced a rude awakening when a SUV crashed right into their house early Tuesday morning.

This happened around 2 a.m. at a home off 48th and M Street.

“To have a SUV plow into it, in the middle of the night around the holidays is not a good way to wake up in the morning,” Battalion Chief Marc Bentovoja said.

According to Sacramento City firefighters, the car’s fuel tank ruptured, and caused a bit of a fire. They were able to contain the fire to just the living room.

The loud crash woke up some neighbors, who immediately went outside to see what happened.

One neighbor said he helped the driver out of the car.

“My neighbor and I, we opened up the back door and she was still talking on her cell phone,” said Ivan Azevedo. “We finally had her unbuckle her seat belt and brought her over to the lawn.”

The family of the home was not injured, and the driver had only minor injuries.

It is reported that the driver will undergo tests to see if alcohol had a role in the crash.

According to neighbors, drivers tend to speed around the area. They’ve been trying to get the city to put in speed bumps and stop signs.

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