Must Watch: Little Girl Yells at Disney’s Gaston about Beauty and the Beast

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ORLANDO, Florida –

A young girl has no problem putting one of Disney’s most chauvinistic characters in his place when he talks about marrying another character.

Video posted to Youtube shows the girl, named Isabella, meeting with a character actor dressed as Gaston at Disney World.

Gaston is from Disney’s Beauty and the Beast, which came out about 23 years ago.

Gaston stays true to character, talking about how scary and awful the beast is and how he will marry Belle.

Isabella sets him straight, saying “No, no, no, no. The Beast is marrying Belle” and “No he will win the fight”.

After seeing that little Isabella is not backing down, Gaston admits he has been “disgraced” and “humiliated”.

Isabella’s family gave permission for the video to be posted, we’re not so sure Gaston appreciates the public lashing.

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