5 Injured, 1 Dead in Laguna Blvd Car Crash

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A three car accident in Elk Grove left one woman dead, while two young children in her car were sent to the hospital.

Two adults and another child in a second car were also injured, while the driver of the 3rd car was okay.

The accident happened around 2:30 on Saturday afternoon on Laguna Blvd near Laguna Park Drive in Elk Grove.

A Ford Escape SUV was trying to make a left hand turn across traffic when it was hit by a pickup.

"I was right there and the crash was so loud, somebody around the corner told me it shook their house," Keegan Root, who witnessed the crash, told FOX40.

Root says he was one of a handful of people who rushed to the truck to help the man, woman, and child get out.

"We tried to get the door open and it was jammed, so we just had the two people come out the side of the truck," Root said.

Police said those three were okay, only suffering minor injuries. The driver of the Ford Escape was not so lucky.

"I was walking over there to try to see if everyone was okay and I saw her bleeding hand hanging out the window and I froze up," Root recalls.

"The driver of the Escape is deceased, she has not been identified," said Officer Chris Trim, spokesperson for the Elk Grove Police Department.

Officers said that driver made a left hand turn heading north trying to cross the westbound lanes when the truck hit her. Also in her SUV were two children, ages 8 and 11.

"She was the only adult in that car, so we're not sure what the relationship is between the deceased female and the children, but it's something we're attempting to find out," Trim told FOX40.

The children had only non-life threatening injuries.

"It's unfortunate that somebody passed but you know, I'm just glad that no children died," Root said.

Meanwhile others who live nearby, like Michael Webberson, told FOX40 Laguna Blvd is a problem.

"A lot of people go flying down Laguna Blvd. at high rates of speed which then can not stop when the light changes, so there have been a few accidents," Webberson said.

Webberson and Root both said the speed limit is not the issue, rather its timing on traffic lights on the boulevard.

Both said when going north and south across Laguna, the lights only allow a few cars to travel and the wait time is much too long.

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