Downtown LA Fires Close Highways, Damage Multiple High-Rise Buildings

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Multiple large fires early Monday morning filled the skies above Los Angeles with smoke, and closed parts of Highway 110 and Highway 101. At least three high-rise buildings in downtown Los Angeles and an apartment in the Westlake area were damaged, according to KTLA.

The first fire was around 1:20 a.m., and was at a seven-story apartment complex currently under construction. The large building was mostly wood framing, and the fire burned so hot it caused significant exposure damage to two nearby locations.

A little later, a fire was reported at a 16-story high-rise. Firefighters told KTLA that 14 of the 16 stories had significant damage. This is next to the Los Angeles County Health Services building, which was also damaged from the heat of the fire.

Firefighters say Monday morning's fire was dangerous because of glass falling down around them.

"If you can imagine they have a large construction site that they have active fire, which is like a blow torch, but behind them they have the radiant heat that's affecting the buildings behind them and surrounding them. So they had shards of glass that were coming down, falling from the sky," Los Angeles Fire Department Captain Jaime Moore said.

Drivers along Highway 101 and Highway 110 were forced to make u-turns as flames from the high-rise buildings reached out toward the roadway.

Some lanes were re-opened around 4:30 a.m. as the fires were brought under control.

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