PHOTOS: Stockton Boaters Care for Delta Island Pigs

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Several large pigs have been surviving on their own on a small delta island near Stockton, but some boaters are starting to worry for their long-term welfare.

“They became our friends,” Blair Hake, of the California Delta Chamber and Visitors Bureau, said Monday. “I mean, they showed up here on the Delta, they became our friends.”

Hake and other boaters say the pigs’ owner dropped two off last November, for reasons unknown.

“We don’t want anything bad to happen to them. Whatever it does (happen), it’ll be humane, we`ll take care of them,” Hake said.

The pigs will eat anything, including the invasive water hyacinth that has been congesting most of the water in the area.

“They also like pizza, cheeseburgers, but we have been trying to get them on just fruits and vegetables,” Hake told FOX40.

The likelihood  the pigs’ numbers are growing is also a concern for boaters.

“I think the habitat can support the eight of them that we have now,” Hake said. “I don’t think it can support 20 or 30 or 40 of them running around on the island.”

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