VIDEO: Man Hit by Car While Blowing Leaves, Driver Slows then Speeds off

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A 65-year-old man and his family are looking for the hit-and-run driver who struck him while he was blowing leaves in Modesto Saturday afternoon.

"I usually take care of it for the whole street and all the driveways. I hate retirement. I'm bored to death," Larry Crawford said.

Crawford joked about being bored to death, even though blowing leaves actually almost killed him.

A red car is seen hitting a man while he was blowing leaves on a Modesto street. Courtesy: Crawford family

A red car is seen hitting a man while he was blowing leaves on a Modesto street.
Courtesy: Crawford family

"They hit me from behind and I just kind of rolled over the car. The truth is, I just wanted to finish the job. I wanted to keep blowing my leaves," Crawford said.

Crawford suffered a concussion, gashes on his head and face and road rash on his shoulders. Though he is up and walking, doctors say he may feel the real impact of the crash in a few days.

The crash is caught on Crawford's home surveillance video along Arrowhead Court. A burgundy Toyota Corolla hits Crawford on the front passenger side, knocks him into the  gutter and keeps driving.

FOX40 slowed down the video, which showed the driver turning, looking over their right shoulder at Larry, and continuing to drive away.

Family members and neighbors say the driver stopped out of surveillance range, looked at Larry again, honked their horn and then drove down Arrowhead Court.

"They knew they ran somebody over, They left a lifeless body in the middle of the street. They didn't know the extent of his injuries. They didn't think about him. They just thought about themselves and left," Larry's son Josh Porter said.

Porter is also seen on video jumping into his truck and chasing after the Corolla. He was unable to catch the driver.

"Maybe they didn't care. I don't know," Larry said.

But Larry's family does care, deeply.

Larry's wife of 35 years is seen on the video running to her husband's side.

"I talked with him. I told him I loved him. Don't leave me. Finally, his baby blue eyes opened and looked at me," Tammy said.

The Crawford's say they want the driver of the car to take responsibility for their actions. They believe the driver lives on or nearby Arrowhead Court, or have friends or family members that do.

Anyone with information about the incident, please contact Modesto Police.

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