Winter Wonderland Overwhelmed with Crowds, Groupon and Living Social Ticketholders

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The popularity of discount apps like Groupon and Living Social created huge crowds at Sacramento's Global Winter Wonderland.

Many visitors pre-ordered tickets for steep discounts.

On Saturday, unexpected crowds gathered at the Groupon-Living Social line. Organizers said more than 15,000 people visited the Christmas lights display, many of them using the apps.

In comparison, they said a comfortable number of visitors for the park is around 10,000 to 12,000.

"When you have five people you need to save money, be economical, use all the Groupons you can!" visitor Harriet Moss said.

Living Social has completely sold out all of their Global Winter Wonderland tickets. Groupon now only has three days left.

West Sacramento resident, Jim Reeder, said he knew about the lines, and did everything he could to avoid them when he visited Sunday.

"I used Living Social," he said. "We came here really early, right when they opened, so we were the first few in line."

Organizers said they, too, have learned from the chaos on Saturday . They now have an action plan to minimize wait time.

"We are working with Cal Expo to figure out ways to open all the gates," event producer Kari Martin told FOX40.

Global Winter Wonderland will be closed Monday through Friday, and open again next weekend. Starting December 19, they will be open daily until January 4, 2015.

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