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2 Bodies Found Inside Carmichael Home

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Residents near the 5200 block of Kenneth Avenue in Carmichael woke up to major police activity, after two bodies were found inside a home.

Friday at around 7:15 a.m., Metro Fire received a call that there was a man lying inside, not breathing.

That call motivated Metro Fire to call the Sheriff's Department. When deputies arrived, they found two bodies- one man in his late 40s, and one woman in her late 30s.

"They kind of give me the heebie-jeebies," neighbor Madison Guastella said.

She said she had her suspicions about the home right the corner from her house. She remembered traffic at odd hours of the day, loud noises at night, even cases in their one-acre back yard.

"If you kind of peak around, they have a lot of cages on top of each other, which doesn't seem really normal," she said.

Josh Hatfield lives a couple homes down the street. He said he also was not fond of the mysterious home.

"There's an early childhood education center right here, you got people pushing drugs here. It's a sad situation. We've all made complaints, filed complaints," he said.

Sheriff's investigatorsĀ said they do not have a history at the home. They have had no arrest or disturbance calls there.

Detectives do not have a motive yet, but they are talking to neighbors, hoping to get answers. The identities of the bodies have not been released.

"We used to be proud to live in Carmichael, and have the zip code, 95608. That used to be something to be proud of. Right now, unfortunately, it's just not," Hatfield said.