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4 Kayakers Rescued from Dry Creek

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Four teens were rescued from Dry Creek after their kayaks capsized Friday evening.

“I think that they probably very quickly got themselves in far deeper than they were anticipating,” Cal Fire Captain John Hotchkiss said.

The kayakers became trapped just a thousand feet downstream from where they entered. Two made it to shore but still needed rescuing while the other two were stuck in the stream.

“Two of our rescue swimmers actually had to go in and get the other two folks and take them out, swim them out and get them off of the right side of the river,” Hotchkiss said.

Cal Fire and Placer County Swift Water Rescue crews were quick to arrive, wearing the right gear – something the teens were not.

“We have dry suits on, we’re equipped for the wet weather and staying dry,” Hotchkiss said. “But jeans and a sweat shirt, definitely not the best thing to do.”

Hotchkiss said some of the teens showed slight symptoms of hypothermia but were otherwise uninjured.