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Creek Overflows, Floods Folsom Streets

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In a powerful demonstration of how much water the Sacramento area received Thursday and Friday morning, Willow Creek in Folsom has split into two, one below Sibley Street as engineers intended, the other temporarily above it.

Sibley Street between Blue Ravine Road and Levee road was shut down Friday morning with water overflowing the Willow Creek bank and pouring across the street at a quick pace and in some spots four inches deep.

"There is plenty of room underneath Sibley Street for the water to flow but for some reason it wants to go over the embankment so we're looking into that reason and hopefully get some grant money to solve the problem," Sarah Staley, a civil engineer with the city said.

While cars were not allowed on Sibley Street, some bikes were able to cross the road. Those on foot chose to take the long way, making for an alternative route for many Friday morning