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Neighbors Ask Cars to Slow Down, Get Stabbed in Return

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Elk Grove police say three men were stabbed in an Elk Grove apartment complex parking lot after they asked two drivers to slow down.

"Three people got stabbed. One in the arm, one in the leg, one in the chest. The one in the chest I was actually worried for. I thought he was badly injured," a neighbor said.

"It sounds like it was a pretty violent attack," Elk Grove police detective Josh Magdaleno said.

Detective Magdaleno confirmed that five men fought about driving too fast in the parking lot of the Crossings at Elk Grove Apartments. He told FOX40 two of the drivers entered an apartment, came out with a knife and reportedly stabbed the three victims.

"First you're concerned because cars are traveling fast, there are a lot of kids in the apartment complex and you don't want them to get hurt. But then it just escalates when you have people with stab wounds and a large fight breaks out," Magdaleno said.

Detective Magdaleno said one suspect was taken into custody after checking himself into a local hospital, also suffering stab wounds. Elk Grove police are still looking for another suspect who was last seen driving away from the scene in a black car.

One neighbor said she hopes speed bumps are installed so drivers slow down, but if they don't, she would rather be cautious than confrontational.

"I just try to mind my own business and if they're driving fast I just don't say anything," neighbor said.