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Tree Falls into Modesto Home

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A rude awakening in Modesto as a 40-year-old tree is uprooted after heavy rainfall. 

FOX40 spoke with the woman who was sleeping when she found herself face-to-face with a tree inside her home.

Tears welled up in Jessica Morrison's eyes as she looked toward the now damaged home she had built with her family.

“Just a big bang. A really unbelievably loud. It, like, shook the floor at my house,” Morrison said.

She and her son were asleep when what she thought was an earthquake rattled her home.

Realizing the potential danger now surrounding her she rushed to her son's room with only one thought - “Get the baby out. I have a 5-year-old just get him out of the house as soon as we could, you know, just in case something caught on fire, the roof caved in,” she said.

Modesto's Public Works crews were on site for most of the morning removing the tree piece-by-piece.

“This happens occasionally but a really, a key factor to this is the heavy saturation,” Mike Hoesch, Foresty Operations Supervisor told FOX40 Friday morning.

The heavy rainfall from Thursday night's storm hit Modesto hard.

Hoesch explained this was a contributing factor for the uprooting. Hoesch added it’s difficult to figure out if a tree will be uprooted or not.

“We (Public Works) just don’t really know when this could happen. It could happen at any time,” Hoesch said.

The tree also damaged Morrison's car but as the cleanup continued, the Modesto mother continued to count her blessings.

"God takes care of everything so we’ll be fine,” she told us.

She added she’s grateful she at least has a temporary place for her family.

“At least we have that right now. We’re happy,” she said.

The American Red Cross is providing temporarily shelter for the family.