Rain Storm Brings Snow to High Sierra

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The newest rain storm moving through the Central Valley also brought snow to the High Sierra. Last week's big storm didn't produce snow that affected major highways through the mountains.

Monday's storm was colder and snow began falling at the 4,000 foot elevation. Temperatures were still warmer than usual an chain controls weren't needed until the 6,000 foot level near Kingvale.

It didn't last long. Shortly after 1 p.m. Caltrans removed chain restrictions and they led a caravan of vehicles over the summit.

Tony Prime was in the middle of installing chains on his van as his wife tried to read instructions.

"I was in for a chore...where we were going it's nice that we didn't have to do this," said Prime.

The timing wasn't good for others. Trucker Harvey Mace had just spent 20 minutes putting chains on his rig. Two minutes after he finished, chain restrictions were lifted.

"They told me to put them on so I put them on and now I have take them off," said Mace.

While plenty of snow fell the remainder of the afternoon and early evening, the moist snow seemed to melt a soon as it hit the pavement.

Chain installers were disappointed after finally starting their season today. They have no choice but to be optimistic.

"We're just starting our season...It will snow again tonight and tomorrow so we’ll take it easy today and come back bright tomorrow," said chain installer Chris Lolito.

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