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Officers Find 1,000 Pot Plants while Investigating Suspicious Death

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A startling discovery in Lathrop after officials investigate a dead man found inside a house along Cold Springs Street and stumble upon something more.

“It was all taped off, there was (sic) cops, everyone, there were investigators. It was crazy,” Megan Galiste, a neighbor told FOX40 Thursday morning.

Galiste says she was coming home from work Wednesday night when she saw a nearby home with crime scene tape surrounding it and San Joaquin County Sheriff's deputies poring over a broken fence and a broken window.

“My Mom had called me and said, ‘You need to be escorted to our house.’ I was like, ‘Really I need to be escorted to my own house?’” she said.

Deputies confirmed Thursday a dead man was found inside the home on Cold Springs Street Wednesday afternoon, which led to another startling discovery.

“The front window of the home was open and none of the windows have ever been open, none of the blinds have been open,” Victoria Galiste, Megan’s mother said.

Neighbors said they’ve never seen any full time residents but they have seen a man for the past three years who looked to be the property's caretaker. We tried contacting the person listed as the owner but did not hear back Thursday.

"I've never seen any kid, never seen a woman. So, pretty much, that is all I know,” Arthur Ollivant, another neighbor told our crew.

In addition to a homicide, the Sheriff’s Office told us, ore than 1,000 marijuana plants were found turning the crime scene into a illegal drug investigation.

Residents said the news is still settling in.

“A little bit (surprised). I mean it’s always been quiet over there so I just didn’t really think anything was going to be out of the ordinary. Nothing like this,” Victoria said.

“My kids were asking. ‘What is going on today? What is going on?,’ because they’re not used to seeing this,” Arthur told us.

Deputies added the death is being investigated as suspicious, pending autopsy and toxicology results.