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Sacramento River Handles Storm Run Off

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Many people viewing the Sacramento River after the most recent storms are amazed to see water levels so high.

Although the levels are higher than they've been since the drought began three years ago, they are no where near dangerous levels.

On Thursday the water level fell to around 15 feet above sea level in Sacramento, down a couple of feet since the day before. Flood level is at 31 feet.

The Tisdale and Colusa weirs to the north diverted water from the Sacramento River into bypasses that are keeping the river manageable as it flows through Sacramento.

Though flooding isn't a concern, the storms have put debris into the water. Logs, broken branches and man-made junk are flowing downstream. A pile of debris has collected at Raley's Landing across from Old Sacramento.

"It could foul props real easy and it's dangerous out here right now," boat dealer Alan Helmer said.

State water officials say the ground is saturated with water, so levels in the Sacramento River will be sensitive to future storms. The water level is expected to go up in the next few days as another storm moves into Northern California.