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Record Number of Americans Traveling for Holidays

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A record number of Americans will be hitting the skies, roads, and rails for the holidays. Many said they are worried about the messy weather coming their way.

"We are very glad we're traveling today, but we are going to be renting a car, and driving in the next couple days through the Midwest, so we might be affected by the storm that way," Holly Haight said. She and her family are flying into Minneapolis for her husband's family, then driving to Iowa for her family.

The National Weather Service said severe weather in major hubs in the Midwest and East Coast will most likely cause delays around the country.

The worst will hit the east coast on Tuesday into Christmas Eve.

For Air Force veteran, Carlette Strauchan , one little storm can result in a big domino effect for her pilgrimage to Portugal.

"I have to leave from Sacramento, stop in Minnesota, wait for a two hour layover, go from Minnesota to Amsterdam, and from Amsterdam to Lisbon, Portugal," she said.

Although the weather may be tricky for fliers, there is good news at least for drivers.
AAA said the national average price of gas per gallon is $2.55- $0.69 cheaper than around this time last year.

"Low gas prices are great doing the drive that we're going to be doing," Haight said.

Unfortunately, that is not quiet translating to lower airfare.

Holiday travel is traditionally expensive, no matter where people are headed.

Dawn Wool is going t North Carolina to see her sister. Her airfare was $600.
Strauchan said she shelled out $1,939 for a round trip to Portugal.

Still, AAA predicted this holiday season will produce a record 9.8 million American travelers.

Many said it is worth it- spending time with family is priceless.

"Oh it's nothing," Wool said. "I have a brand new baby coming along from my sister!"