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Donations Fly in After Salvation Army Robbery

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The Salvation Army in Yuba City is overflowing with hundreds of toys, all donated to make kids smile this Christmas.

"The Christmas spirit is alive in Yuba City that is for sure," said Tom Stambaugh.

Last Friday, however, was a different story when Salvation Army had to turn away 100 families whose toys were stolen. Someone broke into their building, making off with 10 bags of donations which held around 200 toys. Sherrie Beletans was crushed when she learned her daughters' toys were among those stolen.

"It was just devastating because this is what they were getting. We don't have a lot of money right now. When it was stolen, it was devastating. We didn't know what we were going to do," said Beletrans.

It wasn't long after the beak-in that word started spreading around town. Between Friday evening and today, the Salvation Army was inundated with donations, more than 600 toys and more than 10 thousand in cash and checks.

"I think all of us understand how Christmas can be for our kids, and we are fortunate enough to have our kids have a great Christmas and we want the ones that need these toys to have them so they can be happy as well," said Suka Sidhu.

So many toys were donated that the Salvation Army was able to really stuff the bags full of toys for the kids.

"We don't want any of this to go to waste; we want it to be shared," said Stambaugh.

"They are waiting for santa to come and if we wouldn't have gotten these toys santa wouldn't have come to our house," said Beletrans.

If you still need toys for your kids and you're in the Yuba City area, contact the local Salvation Army. They will allow you to get toys for your kids with proof you are in need of help. A birth certificate or social security card is recommended.