Utah Man Hospitalized after Winning Eggnog Chugging Contest

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LEHI, Utah (FOX13Now)-

A Utah man spent three days in the ICU after winning an eggnog drinking contest.

Ryan Roche apparently drank a quart of 'nog in just 12 seconds.

“I pretty much just opened up my throat and just poured it down. I didn’t take a single breath the entire time,” Roche told FOX13 in Salt Lake City.

Roche's wife, Emily, filmed the incident and noticed almost instantly that he was having a hard time breathing.

“It was scary,” she said, “We had no idea what was happening."

Roche suffered from double lung pneumonia and spent three days in intensive care before making a full recovery two weeks later.

He's unsure if he'll ever drink eggnog again, but doesn't exactly rule it out.

Roche's prize for winning the contest was a $50 gift card.

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