Crest Theatre Reopens after Rodent Infestation Prompts Brief Closure

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The Crest Theatre was closed for a day after inspectors found rodent droppings at the concession stand.

Documents posted to Sacramento County's Environmental Management Department website show the Crest had been inspected once on Dec. 10 and again on Dec. 23.

Records indicate that on Dec. 10, at least 80 rodent droppings were found near soda machine and popcorn maker. Records also indicate that on Dec. 23, at least 60 rodent droppings were found in similar areas.

The EMD posted a CLOSED notice on Crest's ticket booth December 23rd, temporarily suspended the businesses operating permit, and ordered the building closed until properly cleaned.

Moviegoers had mixed reactions.

"I wouldn't care. I just wouldn't come back," said Emily Cinder.

"I probably wouldn't come back. I don't know, as long as I didn't ingest bugs, it's good," said Strong Walls.

The Crest's new manager Yulya Borroum spoke to FOX40 in November after the first concert under her management was cancelled.

"It's one of the oldest buildings in sac and its deserves to be protected and preserved," Borroum said in November.

Borroum declined to speak with FOX40 on camera Wednesday. She did confirm off camera that a few other concerts might have been canceled, and that they had problems with their concession stand.

By four o'clock on Christmas Eve, Borroum guided an inspector to the ticket booth and replaced the Closed sign with a Pass Card. The EMD is now allowing the Crest to serve customers.

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