‘SacTown Santa’ Delivers Clean Socks to Homeless

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An unconventional Santa has been delivering socks to the homeless in Sacramento for 15 years.

Known only as SacTown Santa, he rides a tinsel covered bicycle through the streets, asking people if they could use a pair of socks.

"Some of them get offended that I'm asking them if they need socks. Some people laugh at me, and I just continue. People that are cold, they call me minimum wage Santa. They don't realize I'm doing this out of the kindness of my own heart," SacTown Santa said.

"There was that one woman, where her eyes lit up with joy," said Sac Town Santa's Little Helper, Phoebe.

This year, SacTown Santa recruited his helpers using Facebook.

"There's a Facebook page called Bike Party Sac. He posted I need a cyclist to help carry socks so when he posted it, I didn't have any other rides. I jumped right on it," said Phoebe.

Together, the two navigated through downtown Sacramento.

"The bike, it's not an image thing. It just helps people see me coming, and it gets me around quicker," SacTown Santa said.

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