‘The Interview’ Available to Rent, Watch Online Now

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Still from "The Interview" trailer Courtesy: Sony Pictures


People who want to see the Sony Pictures film “The Interview” won’t have to wait until Christmas. It is now available for rental on a variety of digital platforms — including Google Play and YouTube Movies.

The movie costs $5.99 to stream and $14.99 to purchase.

Courtesy: CNN/ Sony Pictures

Courtesy: CNN/ Sony Pictures

It was just a few days ago that tomorrow’s scheduled release of the movie in theaters was canceled in the aftermath of a hacking attack on Sony and terrorist threats against theaters. But the satire about an assassination plot against North Korea’s leader is now scheduled for a limited release in about 300 theaters tomorrow — for those who don’t want to watch it online.

Sony now says it was “always” its intent to release the film nationally. The company’s CEO says the release reflects Sony’s commitment to free speech.

Its initial decision not to release the film was widely criticized. President Barack Obama was one of Sony’s harshest critics.

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