Historic 4th Inaugural for Governor Brown, He’ll Celebrate with Hot Dogs

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Just by being sworn in Monday, Governor Jerry Brown will make history. He's the first, and will likely be the only person to serve four terms as California chief executive.

Monday at 10 a.m., Governor Brown will be sworn in and give his Inaugural Address, which will also serve as his State of the State Address. Watch it live on FOX40 and FOX40.com.

Supporters are celebrating with hot dogs.

"We recognize the governor is a governor for the people in the cheap seats," Jennifer Muir, with Orange County Public Employees Union.

As in 2011, the governor's inaugural celebration will be a hot dog party on the North Lawn of the capitol, hosted by the Orange County Public Employees Union.

He's gotten thousands in private donations for a more lavish party, but prefers to use that money to help defray the cost of his downtown loft to stay in Sacramento.

"Starting at 10 a.m., anyone in Sacramento or who's driven up to Sacramento, is welcome to come and join us in front of the capitol on the L Stree side to get an all-beef hot dog grilled up for you," Muir said.

Governor Brown is expected to talk about his budget, including contributions to California's newly constituted "rainy-day fund", education spending and the $7.5 billion water bond recently passed by voters.

After Monday's 'pomp and circumstance', on Tuesday the governor is off to Fresno, to break ground on construction of the first leg of California's high-speed rail project.

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