Ripon’s Stolen Athletic Utility Vehicle Found Abandoned

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Ripon's 'Rhino' was found abandoned, and returned home.

Ripon’s ‘Rhino’ was found abandoned, and returned home.


A community’s athletic utility vehicle, stolen by brazen robbers, has been found abandoned in a neighborhood.

FOX40 reported Monday about Ripon’s ‘Rhino’ vehicle, that was found missing last week.

The Ripon Community Athletic Foundation said despite the vehicle’s rundown appearance, missing doors and tailgate, it was a critical part of maintenance work on campus. The battery was dead, so whoever took it not only cut through a fence, but they would of had to jump the battery or tow it away.

Tuesday morning, just before 6 a.m., waste management crews in Manteca reported finding the Rhino parked in a neighborhood.

The battery was jumped, and it was driven the ten miles back to its home.

No word on who may have taken the vehicle, or if anyone will be charged.

Kay Recede contributed to this report

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