Vinyl Record Sales Hit Record High

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The sale of vinyl records in 2014 hit a record high, making it more evident than ever that there is a resurgence.

"I just like the whole process of putting the turntable on and putting the needle on there and just letting it go," record lover Janelle Morrow said during a shopping trip to Dimple Records.

If part of your holiday Facebook feed featured friends showing off their brand-new record players you don't just have a couple of eccentric friends.

"Vinyl's back and it's back in a big way," Ryan Newlin, of Dimple Records, told FOX40. "People like the sound."

The independent store sold out of almost 100 record players during Christmas. Since November, Dimple saw the sale of more than 2,500 records.

Sales are up 41 percent since 2013.

Part of the resurgence is due to the fact that artists, labels and manufacturers are using heavier material, making for a sturdier record on the turntable and a better sound.

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