Man Falls While Removing Christmas Lights, Now in a Coma

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Ron Cooper lived for the holidays. He set up thousands of lights in front of his home on Twinwood Loop every year. And it may have been what put him in a coma.

"Every year he took it down, he was already planning for the next year," explained Cooper's nephew, Aaron Popp. "He didn't do it for himself. He loved doing it, but he did it to see the smile on peoples' face."

Now, family and friends can only hope Cooper can recover fully to put the lights up in time for next Christmas.

"I heard a big scrape, and it was actually him sliding," remembers neighbor Shannon Pierce.

Cooper slipped while taking down the lights he worked so hard to put up. He fell some 15 feet off his rooftop onto the concrete patio at their neighbor's house over the weekend.

"When we heard the thud, that's when all of our hearts just dropped," Pierce said.

Pierce was the first one to get to Cooper, telling her friends to call 911.

"He was not conscious. He was breathing deeply. His eyes were closed. It looked like he had got the wind knocked out of him."

But it was a lot worse. Cooper suffered major head trauma. Part of his skull was removed to release pressure from his swollen brain. He also shattered his shoulder and broke several ribs.

The accident happened Saturday, and as of Thursday evening there was renewed hope for his recovery.

"The doctors, it's not that they don't know if he's going to wake up, it's a matter of when now," Popp said.

And that piece of news is enough now for family and friends to look forward to next Christmas.

"In my heart I really feel like there is going to be Christmas lights up on his house next year", said Pierce. "And he's going to be out there to enjoy them, and to greet the neighbors who walk by."

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