Sacramento SPCA Scrambles to Save ‘We Pay to Spay’ Program

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The Sacramento SPCA is scrambling to save its "We Pay to Spay" program, which offered free spaying and neutering.

Vets say it helped keep Scaramento County's dog population, particularly pit bulls, in check.

"Sacramento needs to step up to the plate," Sacramento City Animal Services Directo Gina Knepp said. "This is a community problem, not a shelter problem."

Nearly 40 percent of dogs that show up at Sacramento shelters are pit bulls or some type of pit bull mix.

Knepp says the "We Pay to Spay" program is important, regardless of one's personal feelings toward the dogs.

"Let's not have more pit bulls if you don't want more pit bulls," Knepp said.

Animal Services says the number of pit bulls in shelters has gone down since the program began 15 years ago.

The program itself costs the Sacramento SPCA $60,000 annually. It can no longer support the program on its own.

Now, Sacramento County shelters are planning to rely on outside support.

With current funding, the Sacramento SPCA says the "We Pay to Spay" program has about six to eight months left in the county.

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