Baby Delivered in Community Garden, Clinging to Life

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At the community garden outside the Kavanagh Community Center and St. Patrick's Academy, there are planted rows of radishes and cabbages; a unique site for a woman to give birth.

"It's a reality of where we live, when you look into a specific place and you go,'how could people be living there?' Well. There's a good chance that somebody's living there," said Roberto Padilla of the Sacramento Fire Department.

Sacramento City firefighters responded as the baby girl was being born. They helped her transient mother with the delivery, and rushed both mother and baby to the hospital.

The child went right into intensive care, and her survival is still in question. The mother was hospitalized too, no longer camping here in the cold winter garden.

In the gym at Saint Patrick's Academy, Crystal Cerda is rehearsing for her quinceañera.

"Becoming a woman means that you need to step-up and help your family," They're preparing you to become a wife and a mother later on, and take care of everyone."

A tough row to hoe, no doubt. And circumstance make it tougher for some.

But fire fighters say there is help... for a mother to be who feels stuck in the harsh realities here on the other side of the garden... on the other side of adulthood.

"It's pretty amazing to believe that it's right over there," said Cerda.

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