Sacramento Streetcar Plan Gaining Momentum

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It’s a project years in the making: streetcars connecting West Sacramento and Midtown.

The next step is securing funding so they can get rolling by 2017.

The proposed streetcars would run along a 3.3 mile loop from West Sacramento to Midtown, with local stops near Raley Field, Old Sacramento, the new Kings Arena, the Capitol and midtown retail districts.

"I think that’s a great idea, help people get around, prevent DUIs and less traffic,” said Matt Riley.

Many who live downtown and in nearby suburbs feel the plan will benefit both locals and tourists.

"With the new arena people will want to come to Sacramento and say ‘oh man Sacramento's got a lot to offer’ get on the train car, don’t have to worry about walking, taking a taxi, you can actually see the city for what it is more than just sitting in a car,” said Anthony Ganzler.

The city of Sacramento is expected to allocate $7 million towards the $150 million project.

The city council will be discussing the project at its meeting Tuesday night, then the city will be asking businesses along the streetcar route whether or not they want the project to move forward.

Nearby property owners are being asked to pay a tax to help cover the cost.

Capital Dime sits along the proposed route.

One employee says he believes businesses will be willing to pay a tax because the streetcars would be a big boost to their profits.

"I think it would be a good idea. I think it would bring a lot a business to downtown,” said Alex Bates, bartender at Capital Dime.

If all goes as planned, construction will begin this summer.

If passed the proposed streetcar project will be completed by late 2017.

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