Detectives Search for Suspect after Ceres Pot Bust

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A suspect is on the loose after drug agents raided a pot lab in Ceres just outside Modesto.

The rental house on Sungate Drive yielded 139 marijuana plants growing on the second floor.

In the downstairs kitchen, agents found a  honey oil lab with two ounces of honey oil.  All told, $100,000 worth of illegal drugs were seized.

“It’s a really nice street. I’ve lived here since 2003 and I’ve never heard of anything like this going on around here,” said Herik Aspeitia, who lives two doors away.

Others told FOX40 News that a strong odor of marijuana had been coming from the house.

Authorities were tipped off when someone spotted some suspicious wiring at the electrical box which lead to a search warrant.

An occupant of the rental house, 31-year-old Omar Segura, was arrested.  Another man ran away and is still at large.

The occupants may have been less of a concern than what they were supposedly doing in the kitchen. The honey oil process uses butane to extract a potent form the psycho-active ingredient from the plants.

“It’s highly flammable. Just one can of that butane has a 150 foot blast radius,” said Modesto Police Spokesperson Heather Graves.

Neighbors say there are lots of kids on the block who were put in harm’s way.

Police are looking for anyone who knows the whereabouts of the man who fled, or more about the people who lived in the house.