Fire Crews Struggle with Mobile Home Fire

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herald mobile home fire


Multiple crews responded to a mobile home fire early this morning in Herald, a few miles east of Galt.

Firefighters from Wilton and Elk Grove rushed to the scene, in addition to Herald volunteer crews.

The fire had started in the back bedroom of a mobile home, and spread alongside the roof until most of the unit was covered in flames.

But what initially seemed like a standard house fire quickly became more complicated, as the firefighters realized they couldn’t enter the building.

The flooring of the mobile home is made of thin plywood, which was quickly burning and becoming weakened by the flames.  The firemen wouldn’t be able to stand inside the house and put out the fire, explained Herald Fire Chief Jim Templeton.

“The flooring on this house is only a foot and a half off the dirt,” Templeton, who was one of the first to arrive at the scene, told FOX40. “So if you step through you’re not going to step very far. And the flooring is burnt through in a lot of areas there. The firefighters could not make entry- safely, that is.”

The fire crews were forced to stand outside the mobile home, and rip the siding off the walls. From there, they could pour water inside the house to put out the fire.

Templeton estimates the home is completely destroyed. But no one was inside at the time, and there were no injuries reported.

The cause of the fire is under investigation.

Katie Talbot filed this report.