Turlock Bill Cosby Show Still Sold Out Despite Growing Backlash

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Bill Cosby sold out another stand-up show scheduled at the Turlock Community Theater this Sunday, amid multiple allegations of rape dating back decades.

"I think most people's ideas of celebrities are very idealistic," said a theater goer named Michelle.

Some people are questioning whether or not Cosby fans are able to separate the man from the TV character and comedian.

"I kind of stay neutral on the subject until we really figure our what happened and what went on," said a theater goer named Brett.

FOX40 spoke to Kathleen Rowe-Glendon, an advocate for victims of sexual assault. She said she's not surprised the 15 woman who have accused Cosby of sexual misconduct took years to come forward. As a fellow victim of sexual assault, Rowe-Glendon said she's been in their position before.

"I applaud them because it takes a lot of guts to come forward like that. Especially given the backlash they are getting," Rowe-Glendon said.

People in other cities have recently protested near Cosby's performances. An attorney representing Cosby's latest alleged victim, model Chloe Goins, publicly announced that Cosby continues to make jokes about his accusers on stage, and that Goins herself is not joking.

"Personally, I find it very appalling," Rowe-Glendon said.

Many fans say Cosby is innocent until proven guilty, and his show must go on.

"Canceling the show would just be admitting guilt. Saying, yes, I did something wrong, and I'm going into hiding," said Michelle.