Demonstrators Hold Peaceful Anti-Police Violence March

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This Martin Luther King Jr. Day, hundreds took to the streets of Sacramento for a march against police brutality and racial profiling.

The group chanted as they marched from Alhambra and K street to the steps of the Capitol.

"This is not an anti-police protest, this is an anti-system protest," said Organizer, Tanya Faison.

Organizers say they are not just calling out police, they're saying there's a larger issue.

"Police officers that kill have inspired us, but there's a system behind us that's enabling what they do," said Faison.

Police closely monitored the group but things remained relatively calm.

This weekend, that wasn't the case. At a rally, officers stepped in when protesters blocked traffic on the Capitol mall. It's when demonstrators didn't cooperate that police took action.

A CHP officer is caught on camera bringing a man to the ground, his head hitting the asphalt.

Two more Sacramento Police Officers come in to help restrain him.

police say using force was necessary once the demonstrator got violent.

"Those individuals were dictating those circumstances and when we give these individuals lawful commands to get back on the sidewalk for their safety you can clearly see how combative and violent that individual got," said Sacramento Police Department spokesperson, Doug Morse.

Police say the video tells only part of the story.

For Some who were there, the incident made them angry.

"I would definitely consider it police violence. It was an overreaction of an arrest. I could have subdued the guy just as easily without hitting him," said protester Tim Hansma.

Three people were arrested at Sunday's rally.

Monday remained peaceful, no arrests were made.