Pirate Ship-Themed ‘Parklet’ Coming to Sacramento

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They are a visual spectacle that separates a building from a city, extending a sidewalk in a very fun and decorative way.

'Parklets',  as they are called, are very popular in other cities but haven't caught on here in Sacramento. However when the city decided they wanted some, Tony Priley decided to be the first.

Renderings of proposed pirate-themed parklet. Courtesy: Tony Priley

Renderings of proposed pirate-themed parklet.
Courtesy: Tony Priley

Priley is the co-owner of Blackbird restaurant on 9th Street  in downtown Sacramento,he says by the end of next month his team will be building a pirate ship themed parklet.

"It combines public places and public spaces with art," Priley told FOX40.

The structure will extend the sidewalk outside of Blackbird, up to the bike lane, covering two loading zone parking spaces.

The pirate ship comes complete with the mast and sail.

The project will include a streetlight as the mast and at night, projection art will be displayed on the ship.

Priley said the project will cost between $30,000 and $40,000 to build, and they are responsible for the maintenance.

Work is set to begin at the end of February.