Stockton Restaurant, Police Describe Auto Meet Confrontation

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A Stockton strip mall becomes the latest venue for a Sideshow hosted by Bay Area Racing. However, burnouts forced the group to leave earlier than planned.

"Cars were just everywhere, and it just got busier and busier," Angelina Maglaras, manager of Fat's Grill and Bar said. She was working at the restaurant when the commotion began. "We have a laundry mat, a hair cutting place, a nail salon, different restaurants, it's really scary because there are children. It started at 8 p.m. It's not that late. So people have their kids out, so it's really scary."

A cop car damaged after officers break up a sideshow in Stockton. Courtesy: Stockton Police

A cop car damaged after officers break up a sideshow in Stockton.
Courtesy: Stockton Police

Although the she remembers the show started out peacefully, drivers eventually began drawing several doughnuts and burnout stains at the parking lot.

Maglaras said within an hour, Stockton Police arrived.

"They blocked them off. They couldn't get in, and when they finally got in, the people were throwing bottles at the cop cars," she said.

"We are seeing increased assaults, violent assaults on our police officers," Stockton Police a Chief Eric Jones said. "These officers were still in their cars when they were assaulted by hard objects, rocks of some sort, and they smashed the windows, putting officers in danger."

According to Stockton Police, the patrol vehicles now have at least $1,500 worth of damage.

On their social media pages, Bay Area Racing explain they are trying to make a film at the side shows. They have also publicly stated that they do not condone burnouts. Because of the unwanted burnouts on Wednesday night, they said hey were unable to get adequate footage for their film.

However, in Bay Area Racing's most recent post on Instagram, they said:
"There are always two sides to each story... yeah burnouts happen it's whatever. The problem we have is the excessive force from both parties involved. Police should not use their vehicles as battering rams to try to move people. But the actions that took place after this were uncalled for and not supported by us."

No arrests were make for the damages. If found, the illegal sideshow participants will be cited. Forums online show the group is pursuing other venues.