VIDEO: San Francisco Officer Tips Wheelchair-Bound Man off Curb

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A paralyzed man says San Francisco Police officers tried to push him out of his wheelchair. Video shot from different angles appear to show an officer trying to shove a wheelchair-bound man off a curb.

The incident happened Sunday afternoon in the Visitacion Valley neighborhood. The man in the wheelchair confronted officers at a street corner as they were detaining a relative and another man.

The video clip shows the man, identified by CBS San Francisco as Bo Frierson, moving toward the group in hopes of intervening. Officers tell him to leave, and it appears one of them tries to push Frierson off the curb.

Witnesses jump in, one man runs up to prevent the officer from continuing.

Officers say Frierson ran over the officer’s foot as he moved away. He was cited for obstructing an officer.

Police are not commenting about the video, posted to social media, and will only say an internal investigation is underway.