Orangevale Church Vandalized with Messages of Hate

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A church in Orangevale was vandalized overnight on Friday, with someone spray painting hate symbols and profanities along the building.

Neighbors discovered the graffiti at the Calvary Chapel near Greenback Lane and Madison Avenue when they woke Saturday morning.

"What is this? This is not in our neighborhood. You don't see that here," said Susan Calabro, who lives across the street. "I have no words."

"They called me and said our church had been vandalized. So I came right over," the church's pastor, Mike Flanders, told FOX40. "They had painted 6-6-6."

The words "I love Satan" was also painted on the church's main sign, with swastikas and other racial slurs also spray painted on the building.

"We wanted to get rid of it as quick as possible," Flanders said.

Flanders called the police, who came and documented the crime. Then Flanders and his congregation began painting over the hate messages, and received help from the community to do so.

"We had a lot of people who stopped and came and we got some paint brushes and we painted over everything. Somebody donated a pizza, someone came with a case of water. Some people that went to other churches stopped by and helped. It was great," Flanders said.

Later, Calabro noticed the church wasn't the only target. Her neighbor's fence was also hit with a satanic message. But whoever the vandals were, they didn't cover their tracks. Calabro found a paint brush and spray paint cans nearby, evidence now in the hands of police.

"I'm thinking it's kids who had nothing better to do, and I think one of the words was misspelled too," Calabro said.

Flanders said he wants to find out who is responsible, not to punish them, but instead to help them.

"We say whoever did this, we just want to be able to minister to them. God loves them and so do we," Flanders told FOX40.

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