School Employee’s Controversial Facebook Posts Under Fire

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Images on a school employee's Facebook page are causing controversy with the district.

Ralph White is a local activist in the Central Valley, and he spoke out at Tuesday's Manteca Unified School District School Board meeting.

"That's the most racist stuff I've seen in this valley," White said.

The stuff White is talking about is on a Manteca Unified employee's Facebook page.

Debie McLarty has several pictures on Facebook, but two parents were disturbed by the opinions exhibited by some of them. McLarty, the head clerk at Walter Woodward Elementary, has a picture showing a bullet going through President Barack Obama's head, as well as pictures of her entire family wearing in Confederate Flag gear.

FOX40 reached out to McLarty, who simply replied, "No comment. It's my business."

However, Sam Fant, the school board's vice president, says it's not that simple, he says it's the district's business too. The school district has policies in place for employees' social media, and will begin investigating the matter Wednesday.

"Those photos absolutely reflect aggression, oppression and slavery," Fant told FOX40.

While Debie McLarty did not speak with FOX40, her son Jeff spoke out.

"That's someone's opinion, and if you don't like it, don't read it," Jeff McLarty said.

Debie McLarty's Facebook page was public, but after FOX40's report aired the page was deleted.