Mayor Johnson Talks ‘Sacramento 3.0’ in State of the City Speech

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Once again, Sacramento Mayor Kevin Johnson used his State of the City address to link his political playing field to an undeniably major one in the real world.

"The newest investor to the Sac Republic, to secure Major League Soccer, is none other than the San Francisco 49'ers owner," Johnson shouted from the podium in the middle of his 'Sacramento Strong' party.

He's bringing the 49ers in on his hopeful efforts to strike economic gold with Major League Soccer moving into the rail yards infill project.

"This an unbelievable market. I'm just so excited about everything that's going on in Sacramento," 49ers owner Jed York, who was on hand for the festivities at Memorial Auditorium, told reporters.

With the Niners news released on the heels of plans by the Kings NBA team to invest in the Republic's bid to go big time, FOX40 caught up with the presidents of the soccer and basketball teams in a cramped hallway just after the mayor revealed his surprise.

"Two of the best franchises in northern California, absolutely a huge deal just to make the third. Great recipe, I think," Warren Smith, president of the Sac Republic FC, said as he turned to his in-town basketball counterpart Chris Granger.

"Without a doubt," Granger smiled back.

Sports fans are definitely cheering after Mayor Johnson's sixth presentation of his city's future, but so are fans of agriculture.

"We're also talking about updating and innovating what it means to be an agriculture hub in this world," Johnson said during his speech.

Part of the future Johnson envisions seems rooted in new food-related businesses to be located in the rail yards.

The mayor say it would all be part of the innovation, infrastructure and inclusion focus he believes will make "Sacramento Strong."

His goal is to be at the forefront of an industry he claims is making more tech advancements than are happening in the digital world these days.

And with a lot to say about sports teams working together to bring new and better amenities to the region, Johnson's vision for 2015 didn't forget those who don't have the basics.

He promised thousands of new places downtown for Sacramentans in need to call home.

"It probably was the single biggest gorilla sitting out there that needed to be addressed. And he did - 10,000 housing units in 10 years - that's ambitious. But it had to be done. It had to be done politically because that was the real lynch pin, the real stopping point for many against the downtown arena," said FOX40 political analyst Gary Dietrich.

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