Sacramento’s Ebola Readiness Does Little to Calm Nerves

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The UC Davis Medical Center waited on test results Thursday night to help determine whether or not a patient transferred from Mercy Medical reporting Ebola-like symptoms was infected with the disease.

"The nurses who have volunteered feel comfortable and competent in providing the care for this patient," California Nurses Association spokesperson Bonnie Castillo said.

Castillo told FOX40 the hospital completed initial tests early Thursday evening, but that a second confirmation test was likely.

"We're very concerned because what we know is, ensuring every hospital is in compliance with these Ebola guideline is critical and means life and death to our workers, healthcare nurses, and to the public," Castillo said.

Castillo said California was much more prepared to treat Ebola patients after Cal OSHA issued a 14-page list of Ebola guidelines for hospitals in November.

"California is the only state in the nation that has these Ebola standards," Castillo said.

Still, many hospital visitors were concerned about contamination. FOX40 spoke with Pete Elvick as he left the emergency room.

"There was a couple of people talking about Ebola, and everybody's asking questions.I did ask and they said, no worries," Elvick said.

A written statement from the UC Davis Health System said the patient's presence posed no risk to the public or medical center patients.

However, many hospital visitors chose to wear face masks.

"Maybe they should shut it down and sterilize all day. I don't know," Christy Leaver said.

"There's lots of people inside, just wearing masks as well. That's all," a man named Eli said.

"I felt like I wanted a mask on, but I didn't have time," Elvick said.

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