Surveillance Video Shows Possible Repeat Purse Snatching

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Surveillance video from Salida Donuts shows women at a counter waiting to make a purchase, just like it is any other day. But what they were really doing is setting owner Tonya Lim up.

In the video you can see one woman hand off a bag to another. A third woman actually moves a trash can so she can get to the back of the store.

When the woman comes out, Lim says a purse was stuffed in the bag. And if you have any doubt this was all planned out in advance, you can see rubber gloves on the hands of the woman holding the bag.

The gloves are to ensure she leaves no prints as she makes-off with Lim's money... and a precious ring.

"I have a diamond, a big one I bought from Cambodia a long time ago," said Lim.

It's not that Lim didn't see this woman walking in back, but while other women keep her distracted, the thief makes an urgent request.

"She said 'I have to go to the bathroom. Emergency.'"

This whole story may sound a little famliar. A little more than two weeks ago, a similar event happened at The Pineapple restaurant in Isleton. FOX40 brought you the story of a big group of women, asking to go to the bathroom, and stealing a purse right off this hook in back.

Do the women look familiar? How about that bag they are carrying? If it looks like they really had their act down in the Salida Donut Shop, is that because they've done this before?

"I'm not angry but I'm shocked," said Lim. "Why are they doing this? I'm a very nice person."