Happening Now: Rain Sinks Boat in Sacramento River, Atmospheric River Passing, New Kings Coach Rumors

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Heavy rain caused a rare boat to sink in the Sacramento River near the River View Marina off Garden Highway.

Heavy Rain Sinks Rare Boat in Sacramento River

Boat owner Alan Helmer is now in recovery mode as he works to retrieve his rare boat that is submerged in the Sacramento River near the River View Marina off Garden Highway. Helmer says his 34-foot mahogany boat is 1954 Hunter classic, and is one of only 13 every made.

“There’s only two left in the world, and now if this goes down, there’s only going to be one left in the world,” Helmer tells FOX40.

Today, Helmer plans on using scuba gear to put a  lift bag underneath the boat to rescue it.

Goodbye Atmospheric River

After slamming the Sacramento region with much-needed rain over the weekend, the Atmospheric River will be making an exit this afternoon.

Showers are expected to fall in the northern part of the valley, before the sun starts peeking through around 2:00p.m. with temperatures warming up to the mid-60’s.

Coach George Karl to Take Over the Sacramento Kings?

The Kings are making strides in striking up a deal with Coach Karl.

It’s reported salary and contract length are under negotiation, and should be all worked within the next 24 hours.

However, judging from his  post-game interview, DeMarcus Cousins doesn’t think the idea is a complete slam dunk.

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