VIDEO: Teens ‘Terrorize’ Marysville Grocery Store

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Five teenagers entered a Marysville Save Mart around 1:40 p.m. Wednesday and "terrorized the store," police say.

A Marysville Police spokesperson told FOX40 four teenage girls and one teenage boy vandalized the store aisle by aisle, shouting out gang slogans and throwing grocery items on the ground. One of those items, according to police, was a bottle of oil, which caused a 64-year-old man to slip and fall.

The retired Air Force veteran was taken to Rideout Medical Center and treated for a potentially fractured elbow, according to police.

Store managers told officers on scene that employees tried to stop the teenagers, but one punched the manager in the face. At some point, police say the teenagers went to the liquor aisle, opened a bottle of alcohol, and started drinking.

The two officers who responded to the incident have minor injuries after one of the teen's resisted arrest.

All five of the teenagers were booked in to juvenile jail on felony vandalism charges, among other charges.

As for a motive, investigators believe the vandalism was fueled by retaliation. Three of the teens were arrested on Monday for shoplifting.

In total, the vandals caused thousands of dollars worth of damage.

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