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‘Bridge to Housing’ Motel to be Demolished

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The West Sacramento motel that has recently become the site of a transitional housing program for the homeless is set to be demolished.

The Old Town Inn Motel sheltered 63 people who were formerly living in encampments near the river as part of the Bridge to Housing Program. It was a three month pilot program between the City of West Sacramento, Yolo County and Yolo County Housing.

A few days after Yolo County sent out a press release touting the success of the Bridge to Housing Program, the city of West Sacramento announced its plan to purchase the motel, demolish it, and develop the land.

"Our test of success is can we make a difference, not can we solve the whole thing all at once," said West Sacramento Mayor Christopher Cabaldon.

Cabaldon said the program was always meant to be temporary, and not a permanent solution to housing the city's homeless.

"Yeah, it's gonna be sad to see it emptied," said the program's night manager Steven Kruse.

Kruse told FOX40 the program helped many people get off the streets, obtain housing vouchers and paved the way for them to find new homes.

"It's been trial and error. It's been hit and miss. It's been good, bad," Kruse said.

Mayor Cabaldon told FOX40 although the program was successful, West Sacramento did not currently have a plan to continue the program in a new location.

Kruse said he is currently collaborating with community members to find the program a new location.

According to a report by Yolo County, 35% of the program participants are well on their way to finding long term housing.

The remaining residents in Bridge to Housing must vacate the motel by Feb. 28.