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Documents Shed Light on CAL FIRE Misconduct Investigation

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Public records released Friday show Assistant Chief Michael Ramirez is appealing his January termination from CAL FIRE.

But the documents claim Ramirez failed to take any corrective action when former Battalion Chief Orville Fleming displayed partially nude photos of women on his cell phone and that Ramirez himself looked at the pictures.

The documents also show Ramirez was present when Fleming slapped the buttocks of a female student during a physical training exercise at the academy in Ione.

But the CHP investigation did  not find a rumored sex video involving firefighters and a female prostitute.

After Fleming was arrested and charged with killing his girlfriend Sarah Douglas in May, Fleming's ex-wife claimed such a video existed.

However in a similar appeal by Battalion Chief Bryant Camarena, documents reveal he received hundreds of sexually suggestive photographs from his spouse.

All of those pictures were sent to his state issued cellular phone.

Camarena is also accused of consuming alcoholic beverages while on duty.

In January, he was demoted as a result of the CHP investigation's findings.