Folsom Woman in Running For Mars One Trip

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A Folsom woman is being considered for a trip to Mars.

Kristin Richmond is one of 200,000 people who applied to go on the Mars one mission and now has made it past the second round.

"I never wanted to be an astronaut," Richmond told FOX40. "Colonizing another planet was something that was far in the future, like science fiction."

But now, she's hopeful to make that one-way trip to the red planet.

"I remember the people who are inspirational to me and I've always wanted to be an inspiration to the next generation," she said.

Richmond, a civil engineer with the State of California, has been married to her husband, Frank, for five years. Richmond says he's been supportive.

"Of course my husband wouldn't want me to go," Richmond said. "He would never hold me back from something I'm passionate about."

Finalists will need to go through an eight-year training process before the scheduled departure in 2024.

"The message that I want to give people is to set goals for themselves, keep learning. We can only go as far as our imaginations take us," Richmond said.