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Sacramento Park-Goers Disturbed by Dead Animal Investigation

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A city parks and recreation worker is still wondering "why?" three days after he helped remove a decapitated lamb from Reichmuth Park this week.

"It was a really gruesome sight to see a little lamb like that. It wasn't probably more than a few months old," he said.

The man did not want to be identified but tells FOX40 he also found a dead tortoise at the park less than three weeks ago.

"We get a lot of riff-raff coming through here but never anything like that," he said.

When FOX40 alerted animal control Thursday, they told us the mutilated animals were initially treated as waste.

When they combed through 311 call data they found a trend.

A total of four dead animal dumpings at the park over the past six weeks.

First, on Jan. 8, a dead goat. Next, on Jan. 28, headless chickens. Then, Feb. 1, the tortoise and finally, this Tuesday, the beheaded baby lamb.

First time park goers and regulars are concerned.

"It does seem like a pretty sick thing if it is someone just killing them for fun or anything like that," Alex Luperini said.

"I'd rather hear it than be the one who finds the bag of parts, because that would be a little creepy," Joe Carroll said.

An investigation is underway to try and find out who is responsible and why.

Animal control and police take cases like this seriously.

"It's clear, studies show a nexus between violence towards animals and violence towards people and its almost like a gateway drug, if you will," Gina Knepp, manager of the Front Street Animal Shelter, told FOX40.

In the meantime, parks and recreation crews will be watching closely.

Animal control is asking for the public's help with this case.

If you know anything call (916) 808-8333 or call Sacramento Police.