Dead, Decapitated Animals Spark Speculation

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Monday night, two dead chickens were found near a bike path off Riverside Boulevard.

A girl and her father who were out taking pictures near the river, called FOX40 about the disturbing discovery.

FOX40 alerted animal control, and officers removed the box, which included two chickens and a dollar bill.

The chickens are the latest in a string of dead and beheaded animals found dumped in city parks and green spaces in the past two months. The findings have some wondering if this is animal cruelty, part of a ritual, or something else.

The dumped animals include goats, chickens, a lamb, a cow's head and a tortoise.

"They are not random they're actually choosing these animals because they have read that they have been used in various rituals before," spiritualist and historian Reverand Iolande Argent said.

Argent specializes in non-mainstream religions. She thinks this may be a botched attempt at animal sacrifice.

"They may believe it's a religious sacrifice because they are practicing something they probably saw in a movie," said Argent.

Animal rights activist Adrienne Ramirez is opposed to all animal killings.

"It is an animal's inherent right to have freedom and their life and it is not our place to take that from them," Ramirez said.

Whoever is responsible could face illegal dumping - or animal cruelty charges.

Sacramento PoliceĀ and animal control are still investigating. To report a tip, call (916) 808-8333.