Must See: Brothers Recreate Childhood Photos, 30 Years Later

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Remember posing with your brother or sister in those awkward matching outfits as a kid? We’ve all been there. But now, a Portland man and his brother are making national news for bringing new life to their childhood photos.

Oregon brothers, Matt and Evan Breslow recreate a handful of their mother's favorite childhood photos.

Oregon brothers, Matt and Evan Breslow recreate a handful of their mother’s favorite childhood photos.

Matt and Evan Breslow decided to recreate three photos as a surprise for their mother in 2012, and it was such a success they just did four more last week – some 30 years after they were originally taken.

“The smile and the burst of laughter that came out of her, I’ve never heard her cackle as hilariously as she did in that moment,” Matt Breslow said.

Breslow owns the Grilled Cheese Grill, a Portland food cart institution where you’ll not only find the perfect sandwich, but a heaping helping of nostalgia.

“Our whole idea here is childhood, and the nostalgia and school bus and grilled cheese and connecting all those things,” he explained. “So we thought it would be funny if the tables were all these childhood pictures.”

Posted on those dining tables are some of the very photos they recreated.

They posted the finished side-by-side on Facebook and Reddit. They were picked up by bloggers and before they knew it, their recreations were making national news Thursday morning.

But from jean jackets to overalls, making a perfect match wasn’t always easy.

“Goodwill, eBay, some vintage stores – I think we found one pair of the acid wash jeans at a vintage store,” he said. “Some of it we had to make, we had to create.”

Breslow says he’s blown away by the attention – but he may not be done yet.

“We still have a few pictures the complete-ist in me wants to create,” he added.